Bunkasa is an agritech company in partnership with Mile 12 International Market Lagos.  The market is the Largest Hub for vegetables and allied farm produce in West Africa, supplying to over 400 smaller markets in West African States.

The firm is a technologically-driven and innovation-focused organization providing solutions to the challenges bedeviling farmers in Nigeria.


To transform Agrifood system in Nigeria’s horticulture food chain by supporting other interventions in minimizing post-harvest losses by 50% in the next 5 years and improving food safety measures through the use of post-harvest technologies and techniques.

From the inception, our organization works with youths and women especially in rural areas from the major production hubs and along the value/supply chains of horticulture in Nigeria. Our focus is to improve their technical capacities in production and post-harvest managements to secure their livelihood and financial security. To achieve this, we use tools such as impact driving capacity trainings, business to business linkages, provision of access to new yet low cost technologies and also supporting access to profitable market via improved market efficiency.

Data Solutions

Data & Intelligence

Bunkasa provides daily, weekly, monthly  and periodic information on changes in prices of Agricultural commodities in percentage, scale vis – a – vis  the inflationary trend of foodstuffs in Lagos state & Nigeria




Bunkasa serves as an information centre/ platform for sourcing of Agricultural products, demand, supply chain, geographical domicility of commodities and quality and quantity for Agric investors




 We have a veritable framework of data Collection and a reliable networking for measuring and analysing accurate insights for research on Agricultural products


Post Harvest Loss Management

Returnable Plastic Crates RPC innovation – This is meant to package and transport fresh tomatoes from the farms to the markets by replacing raffia baskets with RPCs to stack tomatoes in the trailers.

Purdue Improved Crop Storage


The Purdue Improved Crop Storage (PICS) bags are a simple and cost-effective way of storing grain and seed without using chemicals to control insect pests.

Purdue Improved Crop Storage


Management of improved solar dryers in major tomato production hubs in Northern Nigeria which provides alternative use for fresh tomatoes, especially during the peak of production, and standard packaging of hygienic dried products targeting middle-class and high-end consumers in the major cities across the nation.

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