Why Price Of Tomatoes Continue To Rise In Lagos

The wholesale price of Plastic Crate Tomatoes increased from N15,000 to N18,000 per 20Kg this week at the Mile 12 International Market in Lagos.

Commodity Price Update
The 40Kg raffia basket tomatoes, which previously goes for N8,000, has now also risen to N11,000.
The new prices are huge, even when considering the fact that (Jos Tomatoes) is the 20Kg, while the 40Kg raffia basket is from Osun.
The realities are beyond the impact plastic crate initiative is having on raffia basket. If Osun and Oyo States can invest in modern farming by engaging the major actors in the tomatoes value chain to provide good seed varieties, and also train farmers on modern farming practices, while Bunkasa Agritech, through the influence of Mile 12 International Market, provide the market access, this will improved the lives of farmers in both states.
The revolution this will bring is that consumers would have access to fresh and healthy tomatoes, and translates into more jobs for the youth.
Throughout this week, 40Kg raffia basket of tomatoes (which come from the north) has not been available, as tomatoes supplies from the region have been greatly impacted by rain.

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